“Help me, I am in hell.”

Hello, to my non-existent readership, and my always very attentive demons! Silly me, for thinking I could provide a coherent helpful resource for traumatized parents, when I am currently engulfed in the peak of mine… His trial date is approaching. It’s going on nearly a year since I had my now ex-fiance arrested for molestingContinue reading ““Help me, I am in hell.””

Unexpected Art Therapy

My fiance was arrested for molesting my son on a Friday night, his mugshot was released on the following Monday. I had been both looking forward to it and bracing myself but I wasn’t as prepared for seeing it as I thought I’d be…

A Place of Somewhat Sanity.

An introduction: Wow, I’m finally getting this blog started. That means I am now in a place of somewhat sanity, after the tumultuous year I have had in reclaiming a life for my children and I, after it was unexpectedly uprooted by the worst horror I had ever known…

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